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Warsaw Accounting is company providing accounting, tax and human resources services for small and medium companies as well as individual clients conducting business activity. Although the scope of our services is similar to those provided by other companies, what makes us unique is highly individualised and professional approach to the Client and the effectiveness of our actions. Due to our accounting services of the highest quality, our Clients can not only save time and money, but also remove from their lives numerous reasons for stress.

Our mission is to accompany our Clients at every stage of their business activity - from starting business activity/company, through its development and expansion. We provide not only professional accounting, tax and human resources services, but we also advise our Clients on optimal, from the business point of view, decisions. Our comprehensive services include numerous domains of business activity. We help also in specific cases, depending on our Clients needs. The most important issue for us is to ensure the comfort of work for supported by us companies, which includes solving problems occurring everyday. Extensive experience we have makes our services not only of the highest quality but also very efficient. In our work we combine wide theoretical knowledge with years of experience. Despite our deep dedication and respect for traditional values and experience, strong foundations of our business, we are constantly doing everything to keep up with changing reality and provisions of law. All this, so that we could honestly say that our services are professional to the highest extent, because we are dedicated to our Clients 100%. 

Our loyal, satisfied Clients, with whom we have built strong relationships based on trust over the years, are our best advertisement. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.



Our offer is addressed to companies of any legal form: individuals conducting business activity, partnerships and companies (limited liability companies and joint stock companies). 

We offer a wide range of services that may be provided both in a comprehensive way and in a particular scope indicated by the Client. Our offer is addressed to companies of any legal form: individuals conducting business activity, limited liability companies and joint stock companies. Within our accounting services we offer you:

  • bookkeeping in accordance with the Accounting Act;
  • keeping Revenue and Expense Ledgers;
  • keeping records of lump-sum income tax;
  • keeping records for tangible and non-tangible and legal assets;
  • VAT accounting;
  • personal income tax PIT and corporate income tax accounting CIT;
  • preparing and submitting periodic financial statements;
  • preparing and submitting reports to GUS (Polish Central Statistical Office);
  • support during fiscal audit;
  • consulting on the establishment of accounting policy and corporate chart of accounts;
  • Settlement of annual personal income tax PIT
  • We provide comprehensive HR and payroll services within which we perform the following services: 

    Payroll services
  • preparing employment agreements and civil law agreements;
  • preparing monthly payrolls including all remuneration items;
  • keeping payroll files;
  • settlement of monthly advance income tax payments of employees, including the preparation of annual information on acquired income PIT-8A, PIT-11;
  • comprehensive support in terms of settlements with Social Insurance Institution ZUS, including the calculation of fees and preparation of social insurance statements;
  • preparing social insurance registration and deregistration forms for employees;
  • preparing documents for inspection authorities (in case of ZUS or Tax Office audit);

  • Human resources services
  • keeping employees personal files;
  • monitoring the use of employees leaves;
  • checking the validity of employees periodic medical examinations;
  • monitoring the terms of the obligatory occupational health and safety trainings for employees;
  • keeping remaining HR documentation, in accordance to the provisions of law and principles of tax settlements;
  • issuing the certificates of employment;
  • issuing HR documents at the request of the employer or employee.
  • We provide answers and advise our Clients in terms of accounting and taxes. We support our Clients in setting up business activity and limited liability company. The scope of our additional services includes:

  • accounting and human resources consulting;
  • tax consulting;
  • clarifying issues concerning the scope of tax liabilities;
  • registration of business entities and preparation of the necessary documentation (filling in Central Registration and Information on Business CEIDG form for business activities, registering limited liability companies through S24 system);
  • support in choosing legal form and the best taxation form for a particular type of activity;
  • representing Client before Tax Office, Social Insurance Institution as well as other authorities;
  • preparation of official letters, applications, certificates and declarations;
  • support in choosing the appropriate accounting software;
  • supporting Clients in the search of financial services (e.g. loans, leasing services);
  • supporting Clients in the search of policies and insurances of various kinds.
  • Prices

    Prices are determined individually through negotiations with Client.
    Services are priced after the conversation with the Clients and due to their needs.
    Prices depend on, among others, on the type of records kept (lump-sum income tax, revenue and expense ledger, account books), being or not VAT payer, number of employees and number of processed documents. We present below indicative prices of our services.

    • Revenue
      and Expense Ledgers
    • from 100 zł/month
    • excluding VAT records: from 100 zł
    • including VAT records: from 200 zł
    • .
    • The Accounting
    • from 500 zł/month
    • .
    • .
    • .
    • Human resources
      and payroll
    • from 10 zł/month
    • job contract 40 zł/person
    • civil law agreement with social insurance contributions 20 zł/person
    • civil law agreement without social insurance contributions 10 zł/person

    All values are net values and 23% of VAT must be added


    Warsaw Accounting's Team

    Agata Broda

    Certified accountant with 15 years of experience in keeping books as well as human resources and payroll issues. She has received many certificates and participated in numerous trainings, including Accountant Certificate of Polish Ministry of Finances for bookkeeping services (no. 32071/2008), Income Tax and VAT under judicature and tax interpretation - Training Expert or intra-community transactions - import and export of goods and services - ZSiE PTE. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management, Specialization: Finances and Corporate Finance at the University of Białystok.

    (+ 48) 537 773 675

    Anna Zamara

    Accountant with 10 years of experience. Graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology and Warsaw School of Economics, Faculty of Accounting and Corporate Finance. In her work she let herself be guided by not only rich experience and vast knowledge in terms of accounting and finances, but also skills improved during the following completed courses: HR and Payroll in practice (gaining professional skills within the profession of HR and payroll specialist; profession code 242310) or Revenue and Expense Ledger organised by Association of Accountants in Poland. In the nearest future she intends to take the exams for Certificate ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

    (+ 48) 537 773 665

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    • ul. Sokratesa 13d/149, 01-909 Warszawa
    • +48 537 773 665
    • office@warsawaccounting.com
    • www.warsawaccounting.com
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